About Ivone:

Hello world, I’m Ivone Ekman and fitness is my biggest passion.  My love affair with exercise began almost a decade ago when I was encouraged by two great friends to get certified as a personal trainer.  These ladies saw my potential and my spark of passion for exercise, and to them I’ll always be grateful.  I’ve been  NASM Certified for 7 years now.  Fast forward a few years and here we are today where I decided to take my own training routine to the next level and began competing in bikini competitions.  In my time competing I’ve learned a lot of insider tricks and have walked away a winner more than once.  I’ve also made mistakes, which are the best teacher because you learn where your blind spots are and from there you can adjust your approach.

The main reason I’ve continued to dedicate all of my energy and focus on personal training is because I am aware of how fitness has transformed my life and I see that same awareness on the faces of my clients when they reach their goals.  I love guiding people on this journey, it brings me joy to bring them into a healthy lifestyle.